About Us

Naya Ella Boutique is a family owned boutique named after my daughter, Naya. She is beautiful, sweet and full of life and the reason for the opening of our boutique. Our desire is to pass on this legacy to our two children and create something that is beyond our own dreams.

As a teenager, I always had a passion for stylish clothes. But as a young adult, the Lord spoke to my heart and instilled in me, a love for modest fashion. I learned that a woman could still be fashionable while promoting modesty.

We have the power to change lives through the way we speak, live, dress and treat others. As a mom, a woman - my life goal is to teach and raise my daughter to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to God. But also, to inspire and impact the lives of others!

Naya Ella Boutique will provide sophisticated, modest clothes that empower women and girls to live a life that is intentional.